The Insurers’ Institute on Personal Injury Claims (Stichting Personenschade Instituut van Verzekeraars, in short PIV) is an institute founded on a collective initiative of the liability insurers in the Netherlands.

Improving handling of claims
The institute’s mission is to contribute to the improvement of handling personal injury claims. The desired result of our activities is the handling and settling of an incident to the satisfaction of the claimant, his representative and the insurer as much as possible.

Knowledge centre
PIV is a knowledge centre for our participants and provides them with a variety of instruments which assist in the optimization of claims handling. We maintain a database for news items on personal injury claims, liability and insurance law. Moreover PIV regularly organizes seminars, has an own legal course, initiates research and develops policy with regard to the settlement of injury claims in close cooperation with the Dutch Association of Insurers (Verbond van Verzekeraars).

Social debate
PIV equally strives to improve the climate in which the handling takes place together with all parties involved.

· Through internet PIV provides an information source for insurance aspects of personal injuries;

· The institute seeks the external debate and acts as a forum for the exchange of ideas through organizing seminars and by nominating speakers; and

· Cooperates in De Letselschade Raad ( – formerly known as National Platform Personenschade (NPP) – to try to achieve a better and more personal approach of the claimant and to improve the technical aspects of claims handling

PIV’s core staff consists of four persons. The institute realises activities and publications in close cooperation with colleagues of the companies below. The institute’s motto is that the products and services are being developed by and for its participants.

Annual reports

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